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About Us

Nowdays where everything seems disposable, when all the options are overwhelming and it is hard to keep up. Aklla wanted to rescue the value of a gift and the beuty of the roses.

Imagine a rose that can last more that a year, that you can see it every day and it is still beautiful. A reminder of that anniversary, birthday, valentine's day or mother's day. 

Things are just things until they have some sentimental value for us. 

Aklla Meaning 

Aklla is a Quechua word that means unique or the chosen. Quechua is a native language of the aboriginal communities that live in the Andes. We chose this name because it represents our beautiful roses very well.

Where our roses come from?

Our roses come from Ecuador,  located on the equator line. This location makes this country ideal for cultivating high quality roses all year long.

Most of the farms that we work with are located at 2,800 meters above sea level which creates a perfect climate for their growth. AKLLA is an authorized distributor in Canada of wholesale and retail preserved and natural roses